The Arrest of Lady Jane Grey

Artist: Sir John Gilbert (1817-1897)

Year: 1879

Title: The Arrest of Lady Jane Grey

Materials: oil on canvas

Size: 58 x 45 inches


A painting depicting the scene from the 19th July 1553.  Jane is informed that she is no longer queen and is taken from the queen’s apartments at The Tower of London to her new lodgings at Partridge House.

This painting depicts the helpless Jane being dragged to her prison cell by one of the guards at the Tower.  The figure in chainmail seen within the door frame probably depicts John Brydges, Lieutenant of the Tower of London. The costumes worn by the sitter’s are far to early in period to have been worn by Jane Grey during her lifetime and would be more suited to a painting depicting a scene from the fifteenth century rather than the sixteenth century.

No evidence has been located as yet to suggest that this painting was ever exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts

Sold 21st November 2019 by Dallas Auction Gallery.

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