Lady Jane Grey Receiving Her Death Warrant

(C) Private Collection

Artist: Circle of Alfred W. Elmore (1815-1881)

Year: Unknown

Title: Lady Jane Grey Receiving Her Death Warrant

Materials: oil on canvas

Size: 49 x 39 1/2 inches


Sold by Christie’s Auction House in 2003. This painting was referred to as a painting of Mary Stuart receiving her death warrant. The female figure seen in the centre of the canvas is based on the 1681 Robert White engraving of Lady Jane Grey. Robert White based his engraving on the Wrest Park portrait thought to represent Lady Jane Grey at that time.

A scaffold can be seen outside the front of what appears to be the Chapel of St Peter in the top left-hand corner.  As Mary Stuart was executed within the Great Hall at Fotheringhay Castel on Feburary 8th 1587, its highly likely that this painting was meant to be a representation of Lady Jane Grey receiving her death warrant. The Male figure on the right is highly likely meant to represent Sir John Brydges, Lieutenant of the Tower at the time of Jane’s execution and the male figure standing directly behand Jane is likely meant to represent John Feckenham.


Sold Christie’s sale, 20th December 1909, lot 143

Sold Christie’s Sale, 29th May 2003, lot 251

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