Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey

(c) The Maas Gallery

Artist: Joseph Bouvier (c. 1827-after 1910)

Year: 1862

Title: Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey

Materials: oil on board

Size: 9 x 11 inches


A painting depicting Edward VI and Jane Grey sat together reading.  Probably inspired by the Victorian myth that both Edward and Jane were childhood sweethearts and were both educated together.  Jane Grey was taught by John Aylmer and Edward by John Cheke. Though it is possible that they both may have spent time with each other, no documentary evidence has survived to suggest that they had a strong personal relationship. The image of Jane appears to be loosely based on the Wrest Park portrait thought to be a depiction of Jane Grey.

The painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in 1863 and recorded as:

618-Edward and Lady Jane Grey- J. Bouvier

“Lady Jane being of an equal age with the king, received her education with him” – Vide Hume[1]

[1]The Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. MDCCCLXIII (1863), page 28.

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